Our Energy Efficiency services

Our Energy Efficiency services

Are your electricity bills high? You are most likely using more electric than you need to heat and light your house or business.

We can conduct a quick survey on your house or premises to spot any obvious energy efficiency issues and give you the low down on costs versus savings.

Most houses in the UK would benefit from the fitting of a voltage optimisation device that would reduce the incoming voltage to a level that would improve efficiency and also reduce wear and tear on your electrical devices, prolonging the life of them.

By changing your light bulbs to LED, a saving can be made in both your bills and carbon footprint.

Energy efficient electrical heating will give your house a comfortable environment, it is easily programmed for the way you live to make it comfortable room by room, saving by not heating the rooms when you are not using them.

If you are considering solar panels and have an immersion heater for your hot water or electric underfloor heating, then by fitting a Solar Iboost System you can use excess electricity generated to heat your hot water.

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